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Are you in need of reliable and affordable auto transport services to ship your vehicle to another state? Look no further than, your trusted auto transport company. We provide seamless and efficient car shipping solutions, ensuring your vehicle reaches its destination safely and on time.

Shipping Cars from State to State

In today's world, the number of cars on the road is constantly increasing. The popularity of vehicle usage has grown significantly due to the accessibility of budget-friendly options. People are often on the move, seeking better opportunities in different locations. At, we understand the importance of reliable transportation, making us your top choice for state-to-state car shipping.

How Does Make Car Shipping Work?

When it comes to shipping cars from one state to another, offers various options. Whether you choose trailer transport, self-driving, hiring a professional driver, using a plane, or even transporting by train, our auto transport services stand out as the fastest and most cost-effective choice. Open carrier transport is the preferred method for most, known for its simplicity, speed, convenience, and affordability.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Car Shipping to Another State

Determining the cost of shipping your car involves considering multiple factors:

1. Distance: The overall cost increases with distance, although the per-mile cost is generally lower.

2. Pick-up Date: The urgency of pick-up and the time of year can impact costs.

3. Vehicle Size and Weight: Larger and heavier vehicles take up more space and result in higher fuel costs.

4. Make and Model: The make and model of your car can affect shipping costs, but ensures fair pricing.

5. Modified Vehicles: Modified vehicles may incur additional costs, but we strive to find the most affordable options.

6. Season: Seasonal fluctuations can affect transport costs, especially during peak times like snowbird season.

Special Discounts for Auto Transport offers discounts for specific clients, including military members, snowbirds, students, and those shipping multiple vehicles to and from the same locations. Our goal is to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

Choosing the Right Auto Transport Method

Two common methods for shipping cars to another state are open transport and enclosed transport:

1. Open Transport: This is the most common and cost-effective method, suitable for most vehicles. The average cost is around $0.70 or less per mile.

2. Enclosed Transport: Ideal for valuable or exotic cars, enclosed transport provides extra protection. The average cost is around $1.25 or less per mile.

Sample State-to-State Pricing from

- New York to / from California: $900

- Florida to Texas: $700

- California to Florida: $1025

- Texas to New York: $800

- Washington State to Texas: $1200

Getting Quotes for Shipping Your Car provides personalized state-to-state car shipping quotes based on factors like vehicle size and other variables. Factors such as inoperable vehicles or expedited services may result in additional costs.

Ensuring a Smooth Car Shipping Process

At, we've simplified the car shipping process into three easy steps:

1. Get a quote and book online or by calling.

2. Await delivery as your vehicle is transported.

3. Receive your vehicle at the destination.

Can You Pack Items when Shipping a Car State to State?

While most auto transporters do not allow packing household items in vehicles, allows limited personal items weighing up to 100 pounds below the window line. However, carriers' insurance does not cover personal items, and any damage is not covered.

Inspections and Bill of Lading for State-to-State Car Shipping emphasizes the importance of documenting the condition of your vehicle through a bill of lading. This ensures that preexisting damage is recorded at pick-up, helping resolve any issues that may arise during transport.

Insurance for Vehicle Shipping State to State

Rest assured, all state-to-state car shipping with is fully insured. Carriers carry an average of $1 million liability insurance and $250,000 motor carrier cargo insurance per incident, ensuring your vehicle is protected during transport.

Common Questions About Shipping a Car to Another State

Our experienced auto transport team is ready to answer your questions, providing guidance on topics such as:

- Selecting a state-to-state car transport company

- Estimated shipping time

- Shipping personal belongings

- Fuel levels in the gas tank

- Terminal-to-terminal car shipping

- Choosing enclosed transport

- The pick-up process

- Necessary paperwork for car transport

- Preparing your car for transport

- What to do during the shipping process

- Receiving your car at the delivery location

- Dealing with insurance claims

How to Pick a State-to-State Car Transport Company

When choosing a car transport company, prioritize quality, reputation, reliability, and customer service over the lowest price. Verify licensing and check reviews to ensure a smooth and stress-free car shipping experience., with its years of experience and positive customer reviews, stands out as your best choice for state-to-state auto transport.

Shipping Personal Belongings in Your Car to Another State

Yes, you can pack personal items in your car when shipping it to another state with Limited to 100 pounds and positioned below the window line, packing personal items is allowed. However, it's essential to be aware that carrier insurance does not cover these items.

Can You Have a Full Tank of Gas?

While it's customary to keep no more than a quarter tank of fuel, understands that this may not always be possible. Maintaining a lower fuel level is recommended to reduce weight, as each gallon of fuel is over 6 lbs.

Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping to Another State

While terminal shipping is less common due to the popularity of door-to-door transport, it may be necessary for certain situations, such as shipping cars to Canada, Puerto Rico, or Alaska. can accommodate both terminal and door-to-door shipping based on your needs.

Should You Use Enclosed Transport to Ship a Car to Another State?

Enclosed transport is recommended for valuable or exotic cars that require additional protection. If your vehicle's value exceeds $75,000 or it holds sentimental value, choosing enclosed transport ensures the highest level of safety. Enclosed transport costs approximately 40-60% more than open transport.

Other Methods of Shipping Vehicles to Other States

In addition to auto transport companies, there are alternative methods for shipping vehicles to other states:

1. Hiring a Professional Driver: Suitable for those wanting to move personal items along with their car. However, it may be more expensive than auto transport services.

2. Tow It Yourself: Hitch your car to the back of your moving truck or van, but be cautious when using tow dollies or car trailers.

3. Ship by Plane: While fast, shipping by plane is considerably more expensive and may not be cost-effective.

4. Ship by Train: Train transport is an option, especially for bulk shipments by dealers. However, it may have limitations for individual vehicles.

Car Shipping States + Popular Cities and Routes ships vehicles nationwide, providing prompt service with pick-up times within 1-3 days for populated areas and 1-5 days for longer distances. Popular shipping routes include:

- New York

to Florida

- California to Texas

- New Jersey to Florida

- Washington to Texas

- Florida to California

- California to New York

- Florida to New Jersey

- Texas to California

- New York to California

Car Shipping to and From All 50 States facilitates car shipping to and from all 50 states, ensuring reliable, safe, and hassle-free transport. We cover a vast network of routes and provide door-to-door service, making us your top choice for state-to-state car transport.

Why Choose is your go-to auto transport company, offering the best in the industry. We provide full-service door-to-door transport to nearly any delivery location, ensuring your vehicle reaches its destination with care. Here's why you should choose

1. Trusted and Dependable: With over 75 years of combined experience, we are a trusted and dependable choice for auto transport.

2. Nationwide Coverage: We ship vehicles across the country, including specialized services for Hawaii and Alaska.

3. Full-Service Door-to-Door: Our comprehensive door-to-door service ensures a smooth and stress-free experience for our customers.

4. Experienced Team: Our knowledgeable team understands the auto transport industry, providing expert guidance throughout the process.

5. Quality and Integrity: We prioritize the quality and integrity of our services, ensuring your vehicle is handled with care.

6. Transparent and Honest: Unlike lead farming sites, we connect you directly with qualified and vetted carriers, offering transparent and honest service.

7. Customer Satisfaction: Thousands of satisfied customers rely on for their state-to-state car transport needs.

Whether you're moving, going to school, or buying a car, is your reliable partner for state-to-state car shipping. Trust us to provide the best service, reliable carriers, and prompt delivery. Contact us now for a quote and experience the difference with


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