provides services for US Intrastate Towing, catering to distances over 100 miles. Our dedicated team handles the transportation of vehicles, whether operable or inoperable, within a city or state. The cost for US Intrastate Towing is calculated at rates as low as $.40 cents a mile for longer towing hauls, with a maximum charge of $1 per mile for distances under 500 miles.

What Is US Intrastate Towing?

US Intrastate Towing distinguishes itself from regular towing services, which are typically called for local assistance. Traditional towing services can be expensive, charging up to $7.00 a mile for the sake of convenience. These services often utilize conventional trucks that lift one side of the vehicle and tow it short distances. In contrast, our US Intrastate Towing utilizes car carriers ranging from 25 to 75 feet, accommodating up to two levels of cars. National Express collaborates with local operators in our extensive network, providing nationwide towing services.

US Intrastate Towing Rates

Our rates for US Intrastate Towing are competitively priced and all-inclusive, eliminating any hidden fees or surprises. Sample rates for various routes include:

- New Jersey to/from Washington State: $1125

- California to/from Florida: $900

- California to/from New York: $1025

- New York to Florida (September to March): $800

- New York to Florida (April to October): $450

- New Jersey to Florida (September to March): $800

- New Jersey to Florida (April to October): $450

- Texas to/from California: $700

- New York to/from Texas: $800

- Washington State to/from Texas: $1200

- Georgia to/from California: $825

- California to/from Washington: $700

- Florida to/from DC: $750

* Intrastate Towing Rates are calculated based on a regular sedan traveling to/from major cities, subject to variations due to factors like weather, time of year, distance from highways, urban or suburban location, and current fuel costs.

At, we provide detailed written information to ensure transparency and guarantee the safety of your vehicle. As a licensed, insured, and bonded company, we offer US Intrastate Towing services nationwide, shipping cars door to door for your convenience. Our high volume allows us to consistently provide the most competitive rates. Trust for secure and efficient vehicle transportation, whether it's a short local move or a cross-country journey, for running or non-running vehicles.


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