Enclosed Auto Transport - Safeguard Your Exotic or Luxury Vehicle

What is Enclosed Auto Transport?

Enclosed Auto Transport, also referred to as covered car shipping or covered transport, provides an additional layer of protection when transporting a vehicle. This method involves moving a car within a sealed trailer or container, shielding it from external elements and potential hazards. Enclosed auto transport can utilize either single or multi-car trailers.

This mode of transportation is particularly favored for high-value, classic, vintage, luxury, or exotic cars that demand an extra level of safeguarding during transit.

Enclosed car transport offers enhanced protection and safety. While it may incur a higher cost compared to open auto transport, the advantages it offers often outweigh the additional expenses, especially for those seeking exceptional care for their vehicles.

These covered car carriers come in various sizes, accommodating different types of vehicles, from single-car trailers to multi-car trailers. They feature heavy-duty doors and a fully enclosed exterior, providing protection against weather, road debris, and potential hazards.

These trailers are equipped with additional safety features such as tie-downs and wheel straps to secure the vehicle during transportation. Many enclosed car carriers also have hydraulic lift gates, beneficial for low-ground clearance vehicles, ensuring a horizontal loading process that minimizes the risk of damage.

One significant advantage of enclosed auto transport is the privacy it provides. Since vehicles are entirely concealed within the trailer, it becomes nearly impossible for passersby to see the contents. This privacy feature is particularly valuable for high-value vehicles, reducing the risk of theft or vandalism during transport.

Differences Between Open and Enclosed Car Shipping

Comparing enclosed vs. open car transport reveals that with an open carrier, the vehicle is exposed to external elements such as rain, dust, and road debris. In contrast, enclosed carrier auto transport ensures the vehicle is sheltered within a sealed container, offering the highest level of protection.

Enclosed car shipping is considered a premium service, ideal for high-value or sentimentally valuable vehicles, providing complete peace of mind and the utmost protection. This level of auto transport typically comes at a higher cost, approximately 30-60% more than open trailers.

While primarily designed for expensive automobiles, enclosed auto transport is suitable for any vehicle, regardless of its value. If you prioritize the safety of your vehicle and want to shield it from the elements and road grime, enclosed transport is the preferred choice.

Is Enclosed Auto Transport Door to Door?

Certainly! Enclosed car transport provides door-to-door shipping, depending on local regulations and the accessibility of pickup and delivery locations. Terminal-to-terminal covered car shipping is not employed.

Door-to-door car transport means the transport company picks up the vehicle from a specified location, usually your home or place of business, and delivers it directly to the destination you've indicated. This service minimizes the need for you to transport the vehicle to a central hub or pickup point.

However, in areas with restrictions on large commercial vehicles, a meeting point close to the desired location may be arranged. This could be a large parking lot, ensuring a safe and convenient loading or unloading process.

When to Choose Enclosed Auto Transport?

When safeguarding your investment is the top priority, enclosed transport services offer complete protection surpassing that of open auto transport. Whether your vehicle is rare, sensitive, high value, a prototype, or holds sentimental value, enclosed auto transport is the ideal choice.

Enclosed vehicle shipping provides the highest level of protection against environmental elements, road debris, and potential damage, making it suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including classic cars, luxury cars, exotics, and sports cars.

How Much Does Enclosed Auto Transport Cost?

To determine the cost of enclosed auto transport, various factors such as vehicle size, distance, and the level of protection are considered. Sample rates for different locations are provided below:

- Decatur, IN to Gulf Breeze, FL: $1.50/mile, $1285, 2 Days

- Cincinnati, OH to Dallas, TX: $1.16/mile, $1100, 2 Days

- Miami Beach, FL to Beverly Hills, CA: $0.73/mile, $1990, 5-7 Days

- Belton, MO to Tampa, FL: $1.23/mile, $1560, 3-4 Days

- Los Angeles, CA to Dallas, TX: $1.14/mile, $1650, 3-4 Days

- Beachwood, OH to Naples, FL: $1.10/mile, $1400, 3-4 Days

- Coral Gables, FL to Newport Beach, CA: $0.64/mile, $1750, 5-7 Days

Why Does Enclosed Auto Transport Cost More?

Enclosed auto transport is relatively more expensive due to reduced trailer capacity compared to open carriers. While open trailers can carry up to nine or ten cars, enclosed trailers typically accommodate two to six vehicles, resulting in higher operating costs per vehicle.

The additional insurance and the convenience of a sealed environment further contribute to the increased cost of enclosed car shipping. Despite the higher expenses, owners of high-value vehicles often consider it a necessary investment for the added safety and security.

Why Enclosed Car Shipping is the Safest Option

Enclosed car transport services provide the safest means of vehicle transportation. Vehicles are enclosed within the walls of a sealed trailer, protecting them from external elements such as road debris, intense sun, rain, and dirt. This method ensures the secure transportation of vehicles, making it the recommended choice for those seeking a reliable and secure car shipping service.

How Enclosed Vehicle Transport Works

The process of using enclosed car transport involves several steps to ensure the best care for your vehicle:

1. Request a Quote: Provide specific details about your enclosed vehicle transport, including make, model, size, modifications, pickup and delivery locations, and your desired timeline using our calculator.

2. Book the Service: Once you determine that enclosed auto transport meets your requirements, book the service. Provide details such as pickup and delivery locations, contacts, and other necessary information.

3. Prepare Your Vehicle: Before pickup, ensure your vehicle is ready for transport. Clean it thoroughly inside and out, remove personal belongings, disable alarms, and document its current condition with photos.

4. Schedule Pickup and Delivery: Coordinate with the carrier for convenient pickup and delivery. Due to factors like weather and traffic, exact timing can be challenging, so a window of time for both pickup and delivery is usually provided.

5. Inspect at Pickup: At pickup, the driver will inspect your vehicle, noting its condition on a bill of lading. Participate in this inspection to ensure all pre-existing damage is documented before transport.

6. Receive the Vehicle: When your vehicle is delivered, conduct a final inspection using the photos and bill of lading to identify any potential new damage. Report any issues to the transport company immediately.

7. Payment: Payment can be taken before pickup or with a deposit and the balance due at delivery, depending on the type of shipping. Your advisor will provide details on payment.

8. Communication: Maintain open communication throughout the process, asking questions and addressing concerns to ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Benefits of Enclosed Auto Transport Services

Enclosed auto transport offers numerous advantages for those looking to transport their vehicles safely and securely, especially for high-value, classic, or luxury vehicles. Some of the key benefits include:

1. Peace of Mind: Enclosed car transport provides peace of mind, ass

uring owners that their vehicles are entirely protected and secure during transit, whether due to sentimental or financial value.

2. Unparalleled Protection: Vehicles are shielded from environmental elements like harsh weather conditions, dust, and debris, minimizing the risk of scratches, dings, or other damage that may occur during open transport.

3. Low Ground Clearance Accommodation: Enclosed trailers often feature hydraulic lift gates, facilitating horizontal loading and minimizing the risk of damage to vehicles with low ground clearance.

4. Experienced Drivers: Reputable enclosed car transport companies employ drivers with specific training and experience in handling high-value vehicles, ensuring careful loading, maneuvering, and transport.

5. Higher Insurance Coverage: Enclosed auto transport services typically offer more substantial insurance coverage due to the higher value of vehicles transported, providing an additional layer of financial protection.

6. Privacy: The enclosed nature of the transport provides privacy, keeping the vehicle out of sight during transit. This is particularly valuable for transporting high-value vehicles that may attract unwanted attention.

Choosing Autotransports.net - Your Trusted Enclosed Auto Transport Partner

At Autotransports.net, we prioritize delivering exceptional, reliable, and transparent enclosed auto transport services that meet our customers' needs. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in the following key features:

1. No Upfront Payment: Unlike many competitors, we do not require upfront payment when booking enclosed auto transport or any of our services. We believe in delivering our promised service before asking for payment, instilling trust and demonstrating our commitment.

2. Fully Insured Transport: We understand the significance of your vehicle as an investment. Our enclosed auto transport service includes comprehensive insurance coverage, ensuring your vehicle is financially protected against potential damage from pickup to delivery.

3. Excellent Customer Service: Our experienced and friendly team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We believe in open communication throughout the shipping process, keeping you informed at every stage.

4. No-Cost Cancellation: We understand that plans may change. If you need to cancel your booking, we offer a no-cost cancellation policy for your enclosed vehicle transport, provided we haven't assigned a truck to your order.

5. No Hidden Fees: We prioritize transparency and honesty in pricing. With Autotransports.net, you get what you see. Our comprehensive quotes upfront come with no hidden fees or surprise charges, ensuring competitive and affordable prices.

With Autotransports.net, transporting your vehicle via enclosed auto transport becomes a stress-free experience from start to finish. Our commitment to no upfront payment, full insurance, exceptional customer service, flexible cancellation, and transparent pricing sets us apart in the auto transport industry.

We're not just in the business of moving vehicles; we're about delivering a service that ensures security, satisfaction, and peace of mind. Trust Autotransports.net with your enclosed auto shipping needs and experience the difference we bring to the table.

Choosing Between Enclosed Auto Transport Companies

When selecting an enclosed auto transport company, thorough research is crucial to ensure reliability, experience, and proper insurance coverage. Consider the following factors:

1. Regulatory Compliance: Ensure the chosen company complies with Department of Transport and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations, regardless of the type of auto transport service.

2. Insurance Coverage: Verify that the company offers sufficient insurance coverage for your vehicle, especially if it is of high value. Additionally, check with your personal auto insurance to understand the extent of coverage during transport.

3. Experience Handling Similar Vehicles: Inquire about the company's experience in handling vehicles similar to yours. Ask about their procedures for loading, unloading, and securing vehicles within the trailer.

4. Transparency and Communication: A transparent auto transport company is likely to be more professional. The clearer they are about their processes, the better you can assess their capability to handle your vehicle with care.

5. Customer Reviews: Reviews and ratings from previous customers provide insight into the company's credibility and past experiences. Check reviews from multiple sources, including the Better Business Bureau, for a comprehensive understanding.

Hard-Side Enclosed vs. Soft-Side Enclosed Trailers

Enclosed auto transport trailers come in two main types: hard-side enclosed and soft-side enclosed.

1. Hard-Side Enclosed Trailers: These trailers resemble large and full-size tractor trailers with vehicles hidden inside. They have a sealed exterior, providing a secure environment for vehicles. They often feature two levels, each holding up to three vehicles. The trailers are equipped with lift gates to safely load low-ground clearance cars. Hard-side enclosed trailers are considered the top choice for transporting high-end and rare vehicles.

2. Soft-Side Enclosed Trailers: Soft-side enclosed trucks are commonly used for transporting new luxury cars. While the tarps are tightly secured, some road dust may make its way in at highway speeds. These trailers are slightly less appealing to meticulous shippers due to potential exposure to road debris.

In conclusion, enclosed auto transport, whether utilizing hard-side or soft-side trailers, offers unparalleled protection and peace of mind for owners of high-value or sentimentally valuable vehicles. The choice between hard-side and soft-side depends on factors such as the type of vehicle being transported and personal preferences.

Choosing the right enclosed auto transport company and trailer type ensures a smooth and secure transportation experience for your valuable vehicle.