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Complete Insurance Protection

Be confident that our all-encompassing shipping rates include cargo insurance coverage, guaranteeing the utmost security for your vehicle throughout the entire transport process. Your peace of mind is paramount to us, and we are dedicated to delivering a smooth and stress-free shipping experience from the beginning to the end. Need more information on this? Read more in this section below titled Auto Transport Insurance.

Tailored Fort Myers Car Transport Solutions

Recognizing that everyone has unique requirements, we provide completely customizable auto transport services. Our committed shipping advisors collaborate with you to deliver a personalized auto transportation service that aligns with your specific needs and budget.

Trustworthy Fort Myers Auto Transport

Introducing Fort Myers Auto Transport: Your Premier Choice in Auto Shipping

Established in 2011, Fort Myers Auto Transport has emerged as a leading authority in the auto shipping sector. Boasting over a decade of invaluable experience, we understand that you have options when selecting an auto shipping partner.

Our commitment is to provide a superior, pressure-free, and seamless service—guaranteed. Personalized service is at the forefront of our priorities. We dedicate time to educate our clients on the intricacies of the shipping industry, equipping them with valuable insights to make informed decisions.

With a collective expertise spanning 11 years in auto shipping, Enterprise stands as a reliable and trustworthy name in the industry. Explore our FAQs to learn more about the ins and outs of auto shipping and how we ensure the safe transport of vehicles. Choose Enterprise Auto Transport for a hassle-free and top-tier shipping experience.

Authentic Quotes, No Lowball Offers

Drivers tend to prioritize loads with higher payouts, often leaving mispriced ones to be moved last or potentially disregarded. To safeguard our customers from this scenario, we provide an upfront quote that is fair and realistic, taking into account current market conditions.

Ongoing communication with you is critical as we negotiate with carriers on your behalf. When a carrier contacts us about your order, we rely on your approval or disapproval to ensure we align with your expectations, steering clear of any lowball situations.

At Fort Myers Auto Transport, our mission is to handle all the logistics, leaving you to simply sit back and approve each step. Nothing progresses without your approval, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free transport experience with no surprises.

Door - To- Door excellence: Fort Myers Car Shipping Services

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Auto Transport
Enclosed Transport
Door-To-Door Auto Shipping

Efficiently transport your car by securely loading it onto a multi-car carrier alongside other vehicles.

Premium enclosed auto transport and vehicle shipping services.

Ship your vehicle from any location and have it conveniently delivered to your door.

$50 Active Duty Discount

Military Auto Shipping

As the military covers the cost of shipping only one vehicle per service member, individuals requiring auto shipping for a second vehicle must seek the services of an independent auto shipper. Get fully-insured shipping of military vehicles with Enterprise Auto Transport.

Factors Determining Cost to Transport a Car: Vehicle Size, Location, Season & Specialization

How We Calculate Costs -Ship Your Vehicle Door-to-Door

Shipping your vehicle with our licensed, bonded auto transport company involves several variables that determine your total price. We take great pride in our transparent pricing so you know exactly what goes into your quote.

The main factors we consider are:

- Vehicle Type & Size: Compacts, sedans, and mid-size SUVs tend to cost less than oversized trucks, vans, and luxury vehicles. Larger vehicles require more space and fuel.

- Route & Distance: Popular routes have more carrier volume meaning lower prices. Less common routes can increase rates due to supply and demand. Long distances also raise fuel costs.

- Season & Timing: We offer the best prices in fall and winter when shipping volume drops. Peak summer months have higher demand so rates may rise accordingly if quicker transport is required.

- Specialty Services: Classic cars, exotics, and high-end models need enclosed transport, lift gates, insurance, and other specialty care which does command higher pricing to handle properly.

Trust our decades of auto shipping experience to provide customized service for an affordable price. Get an instant quote now by submitting details on your specific vehicle shipment.

Save Money Shipping Your Car - Tips for Reducing Auto Transport Costs

Stretch Your Dollar: Tips for Affordable Car Shipping

When funds are limited, open auto transport provides a cost-effective shipping solution. Open carriers haul multiple vehicles at once which keeps prices low compared to enclosed trailers. However, classic, collectible, or luxury models require enclosed transport to handle with appropriate care.

Additionally, terminal-to-terminal used to be the budget option where customers dropped off and picked up vehicles at transport hubs. But with most modern carriers now focused on convenient door-to-door services as standard, door-to-door has become the more affordable routing for the average customer.

By selecting open haulers and door-to-door routing, you can reduce quotes for moving your car and make auto transport fit your financial needs. Our licensed professionals provide customized service at competitive rates. Get an instant price estimate today.

What Causes Differing Car Shipping Rates? Key Factors We Consider when shipping your car

When researching auto transport companies, you may notice rate variation between quotes for seemingly similar shipments. As experienced, licensed professionals, we want to explain the critical aspects that impact your price. Understanding these key factors provides insight so you know what goes into cost calculations.

The main elements we take into account when generating personalized quotes are:

  • Vehicle Attributes: Size, operating condition, modifications, specialty transport needs

  • Mileage and Route: Short vs long distance, popular vs remote delivery points

  • Timing and Seasonality: High-volume summer season, time sensitivity

  • Extra Services: Additional insurance needs, enclosed trailer requests, door-to-door

    While one carrier may charge less, crucial aspects like reputation, safety ratings, protection, and customer service should drive your decision. Get quotes from our 5-star auto transporter to experience the outstanding quality we offer every shipment.

Save on Auto Transport - Ask Us About Available Discounts and Special Offers

Save on Your Vehicle Shipping Costs - Discounts We Offer

Transporting your car across the country or locally requires significant investment. That's why our licensed auto shipping company offers exclusive discounts to reduce quotes for clients with specialized situations and flexible booking preferences.

We currently offer discounts for:

Military members and veterans thanks to our Patriot Program

College students with ID for hassle-free campus relocations

Seniors 65+ needing vehicle transport assistance

Multi-car shipments with 2+ vehicles moving along one route

AAA members as an additional perk on top of roadside benefits

Early booking flexibility with 14+ day notice before the requested pickup date

Inquire with our transportation specialists during your free quote consultation to learn about combinable discounts you may qualify for based on the details of your upcoming shipment. Our customers appreciate our upfront all-in pricing with incentives to save hundreds off competitive bids.

Get in touch today to start saving on specialized door-to-door auto transport services backed by 11+ years as a top-rated auto shipping leader. For faster service call 239-273-4649.

Shipping Safely

Auto Transport Insurance

Navigating Auto Transport Insurance for Your Vehicle's Protection

Do you need insurance to ship a car?

Generally, if you won't be driving it, you may not be required to carry your own car insurance to transport a vehicle by truck, ship, or rail. You may want to choose a car hauler with adequate insurance to cover any damages that occur to your car in the moving process. However, if there's an issue with your auto transport insurance, having comprehensive and collision on your auto policy could save you from responsibility for damage to your vehicle in transit.

Are there specific auto transport insurance requirements?

Auto transport insurance coverage requirements can vary by state, so it pays to ask for their insurance policy details. Verify that their insurance covers pickup, transport, and delivery. Some transporters only have coverage once your vehicle is on the truck. A car hauler's insurance policy could also have exclusions that would complicate coverage for your vehicle if it sustained any damage in transit.

When you drop your car off, a transport company representative will do a detailed inspection of the vehicle to document any scratches and dents. You'll agree on the car's condition. A representative will repeat this process at the destination. At both drop-off and pickup, request a copy of the inspection. Assuming there's no new damage, you'll be on your way. If your vehicle gets damaged, destroyed during transport, file a claim with the transporter's insurer.

Can you transport a car without insurance?

If you aren't going to be driving it at all, you may not be required to have an auto insurance policy for your car while it's in transit. Transporting a car without insurance likely doesn't make sense. You'll need insurance to drive it to a drop-off point, pick it up, and drive around town once you get to your destination. And if there's an issue with the transporter's insurance, your auto insurance might be able to act as a backup, depending on your policy.

What types of auto insurance coverage cover auto transport damage?

Comprehensive car insurance coverage may cover your vehicle if it sustains any damage during transportation due to fire, wind, hail, flood, theft, vandalism, falling objects, or animals. Auto collision coverage might come into play if the transporter driving your vehicle is involved in an accident. Every insurer is different, so check with yours to understand how coverage might work for transport-related claims.

Best practices when transporting a vehicle

When preparing to ship your car, some important things to do might include getting the transporter's motor carrier number and cleaning out your vehicle. When it comes to making sure your car is secure during shipping, follow these important steps.

Ask for proof of insurance

Any reputable auto transport company should be willing to show you their proof of insurance. Verify coverage levels and dates and ensure they can cover the cost of replacing your vehicle if it's totaled or stolen. Ask if there are any exclusions during pickup, loading, transit, and unloading. If they're hesitant to produce proof of insurance, consider that a red flag.

Check-in with your insurer

Your car insurance may be able to provide coverage if there are issues with the transporter's insurance. However, not all insurance policies cover your vehicle while it's in transit. Check with your insurer regarding coverage for auto transport.

Be there for drop-off and pickup

Just like renting a car, make sure you're there for the inspections at drop-off and pickup. You may even choose to take pictures and notes. If you find new damage after transport, the representative inspecting your car should document it thoroughly. You can start a claim through the transporter's insurance, which may not cover any damage you find after the final inspection.

Get everything in writing

Before the move, ensure you have documentation of your auto transport agreement, including insurance coverage and delivery information. .

What if I hire someone to drive my vehicle?

If you prefer, you can hire someone to drive your vehicle to the destination. If the driver crashes your car, it will depend on the circumstances whether your insurance or the driver's policy will apply. You should check with your insurer to see what your policy might cover in this situation. If the driver doesn't have their own auto insurance policy, you might request that they get a non-owner car insurance policy for a minimum of liability coverage.

Efficient Enterprise Auto Transport Solutions

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Enterprise Shipping Solutions offers a distinctive omnichannel experience, allowing you to connect with your dedicated agent effortlessly, anytime and from anywhere. Whether you prefer a call, a message on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Text, or an email, our friendly and knowledgeable agents are available 24/7 to assist you. 99.9% of our online reviews our positive. We have a five star rating on google, transport reviews, an A rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 5 star rating on Yelp.

Frequently Asked Auto Transport Questions Compilation

When considering vehicle relocation, you're likely to have several inquiries regarding your shipment. The vehicle shipping process encompasses various aspects, and many first-time shippers commonly pose similar questions.

Throughout our extensive experience shipping cars, we've addressed numerous inquiries related to shipping vehicles.

Explore our comprehensive compilation of frequently asked questions designed to serve as a valuable guide for your auto transport needs. Peruse the FAQs below to find insightful answers and useful tips.

auto transport faq
auto transport faq
What Is Car Shipping?

Car shipping, also known as auto transport or vehicle transport, is a service provided by companies that move your vehicle from one location to another. It proves valuable in various situations, such as buying or selling second-hand cars online, moving homes, or transporting vehicles across different states or even internationally. Enterprise Auto Transport, available at 239-273-4649, offers a range of services to meet your specific needs.

Types Of Auto Transport Services

Auto transport services come in various forms, catering to different preferences and requirements. One essential decision is whether you prefer terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door delivery. Terminal-to-terminal involves designated pick-up and drop-off points, often at the transport company's stores or bases, offering a more cost-effective option. On the other hand, door-to-door delivery ensures your vehicle is picked up and dropped off at your doorstep, providing convenience, especially for long-distance or cross-country transports.

Car transport services generally fall into two categories: having someone drive your car or putting it on a trailer.

1. Have Someone Drive Your Car:

This straightforward solution involves hiring a driver to physically drive your car to its destination, whether it's across the country or to another state. While this method can be cost-effective and relatively quick, it may add mileage to your vehicle and poses a slight risk of damage during transit.

2. Put Your Car On A Trailer:

This safer option ensures a higher level of safety for your vehicle. You can choose between a single-car trailer (ideal for expensive or classic cars) or a multi-car transporter, which can transport several vehicles simultaneously. The options include:

- Open Car Shipping: The most common and cost-effective method, where vehicles are placed on an open carrier and driven to the destination. However, they are exposed to the elements during the journey.

- Enclosed Auto Transport: Involves multiple cars secured on a carrier, enclosed to protect them from dust, weather, and debris during transit. This is preferable for more valuable or newer vehicles.

For international shipping, it's advisable to seek specialized services with experience in overseas car shipping.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?

The cost of shipping a car varies based on several factors. On average, auto transport companies in the US charge around $2.92 per mile for journeys less than 200 miles, $0.93 for distances between 200 and 500 miles, and $0.78 for journeys over 1,000 miles. However, actual costs may differ, and it's best to gather quotes from various companies for accurate pricing.

Factors That Can Affect The Cost Of Auto Transport

Several factors influence the cost of auto transport services, including:

- Distance: Longer journeys, especially cross-state or cross-country, tend to cost more. However, the average price per mile often decreases for longer distances.

- International Shipping: Transferring a car overseas involves logistics and longer distances, resulting in higher costs.

- Route: The chosen route can impact pricing, with higher traffic or unforeseen circumstances leading to additional costs.

- Shipping Dates: Flexible timing can result in lower costs, while expedited shipping may incur higher expenses.

- Vehicle Size: The dimensions of the vehicle affect transport costs, with larger vehicles requiring larger trailers.

- Vehicle Condition: Non-drivable vehicles may need additional equipment, affecting transport costs.

- Auto Transport Service Type: Options like having someone drive the car are generally cheaper than single-car trailers or enclosed transport.

- Locations Of Pickup And Delivery: Urban areas with proximity to car shipping services tend to be more cost-effective than rural or hard-to-access locations.

- Auto Transport Insurance: Confirming cargo insurance coverage is crucial, as it may not always be included in the service.

- Time Of Year: Seasonality can impact costs, with winter being more expensive due to weather-related delays.

How To Ship A Car - Finding An Auto Transport Service

With numerous car transport companies available, finding the right one can be challenging. Reach out to Enterprise Auto Transport at 239-273-4649, a reliable option for your needs.

Benefits Of Using Enterprise Auto Transport For Car Shipping

Enterprise Auto Transport offers several advantages for car shipping:

1. Time-saving: Reach out to Enterprise Auto Transport directly, saving you time and effort.

2. Price Comparison: Get genuine, final price quotes from car shipping companies, allowing for easy comparison.

3. Cheap Car Shipping: Companies often offer lower fees, aiming to fill space on existing journeys.

4. Environmental Considerations: Maximizing trailer space and minimizing empty return trips reduces emissions.

Preparing For Your Car To Be Shipped

Once you've selected an auto transport company, it's crucial to prepare your vehicle for shipping:

- Documents: Ensure necessary documents are available at pick-up or drop-off, especially if you're selling the vehicle.

- Cleaning: Remove personal items and clean your vehicle before transport to assess its condition accurately.

- Running Condition: If the vehicle will be driven, ensure it's in running condition, checking fluid levels, battery charge, and tire pressure.

- Photographic Evidence: Take high-quality photos of all parts of the car before shipping for evidence of its pre-transport condition.

What To Do After Delivery

After your chosen car shipping company completes the delivery, follow these steps:

- Check Vital Signs: Inspect lights, brakes, and the engine to ensure the car is in the expected condition.

- Exterior Condition: Compare the exterior to pre-transport photos to identify any additional damage.

- Check Mileage: Verify the mileage to ensure it matches the journey taken.

- Leave a Review: Share your experience by leaving a review for the auto transport company.

Addressing common questions about car shipping:

1. How much to ship a car?

Costs vary but average around $2.92 per mile for journeys under 200 miles, $0.93 for 200-500 miles, and $0.78 for over 1,000 miles.

2. What is the cheapest way to ship a car?

Having someone drive your vehicle is the cheapest option, while multi-car transporters offer cost-effective trailer options.

3. How do I pay for my auto transport?

Payment methods depend on the auto transport company; discuss this with your chosen service provider.

4. Can I track my car transport online?

Different companies have varied tracking options; inquire with individual car transport companies for specific details.

5. Does someone have to be present for pickup and delivery?

In most cases, attendance is required for signing release forms and handing over keys.

6. Can I keep items in my vehicle during transport?

While most companies allow personal items, weight may affect pricing, and items are not covered by insurance.

7. How much gas should I have in my vehicle during transit?

Around a quarter tank is recommended for easy loading and unloading without excessive weight.

8. Can I ship my vehicle if it isn’t running?

Yes, but non-running vehicles may incur higher costs due to the need for specialized equipment.

9. Can I ship a modified vehicle?

Almost any vehicle type, including modified ones, can be shipped, with providers equipped for the job.