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Door-to-Door Cross Country Transport strives to offer door-to-door delivery whenever possible. However, in certain cases where safety, physical constraints, or legal restrictions apply, alternative arrangements for convenient pickup and drop-off locations nearby can be made.

Three Steps to Across The Country Vehicle Transport

1. Get a Quote and Book: Use our car shipping request form or call 239-273-4649 to get an instant quote and book online.

2. Delivery: Your vehicle arrives, and you receive it.

3. No Hidden Fees: believes in transparency, providing comprehensive quotes upfront with no hidden fees.

Why Choose for Cross Country Auto Transport?

- Owner Operated: Unlike many auto transport companies, we are owner-operated and not an overseas call center.

- Experienced Carriers: Our skilled professionals handle long-distance auto transport with specific training and experience.

- Fully Insured Auto Shipment: We provide comprehensive insurance coverage from pickup to delivery.

- Excellent Customer Service: Our friendly team is ready to assist you throughout the entire process.

- No Upfront Payment: Pay after receiving our promised service, emphasizing our commitment to fulfilling responsibilities first.

- No-Cost Cancellation: We offer flexibility with a no-cost cancellation policy, allowing you to make decisions that suit your needs.

- No Hidden Fees: believes in honesty, providing upfront quotes with no hidden charges.

Expedited and Inoperable Cross Country Shipping

For urgent situations, expedited shipping is available, assuring pickup as quickly as within 24 hours. We also accommodate inoperable vehicles, offering shipping even if the vehicle is non-running.

Enclosed Cross Country Auto Transport

For extra protection, consider enclosed transport for exotic or classic cars. While pricier, it ensures minimal risk of damage. offers both open and enclosed options.

Cost Factors for Shipping a Car Across Country

The cost of shipping a car across the country depends on factors such as size, weight, distance, and locations. On average, the cost ranges from 40 to 56 cents per mile, with a typical cost of $840 for 1,500 miles and $1,680 for 3,000 miles using our car shipping cost calculator.

Factors Affecting Car Shipping Rates

Several variables impact the cost of car shipping rates, including distance, vehicle size and weight, transport type (open or enclosed), pickup and delivery locations, time of year, fuel prices, and insurance coverage.

Sample Pricing for Open Auto Transport

Here are sample prices for open auto transport services shipping a car across the country to and from major cities:

- Philadelphia, PA to Portland, OR – $1,375

- Charlotte, NC to Phoenix, AZ – $995

- Boston, MA to Las Vegas, NV – $1,350

- Hartford, CT to San Diego, CA – $1,395

- Los Angeles, CA to Miami, FL – $1,150

- Seattle, WA to New York, NY – $1,250

- Richmond, VA to San Francisco, CA – $1,295

Time Frame for Shipping a Car Across Country

The time it takes to ship a car across the country varies based on factors such as distance. While nearby states can take 1-3 days, coast-to-coast shipping can take up to 9 or 10 days.

How About Truck Shipping?

We do ship trucks. Keep in mind if your truck is over 7 feet high and 8 feet wide, you will have to call as shipping prices can increase due to available shipping options.

How much fuel is allowed?

There is no direct limit on fuel; however, as a courtesy, you should keep less than a quarter gas tank of fuel. Less fuel in the tank means less fuel cost for the carrier due to all the weight. Fuel weighs over 6 lbs a gallon!

Frequently Asked Questions for shipping a car across the country:

1. How much does it cost to ship a car across the country?

As of 2023, it could cost between $500 and $1,000+ depending on distance, the size and weight of the car, transport type, pickup and delivery locations, time of year, and current fuel costs. For the most accurate pricing, get quotes from multiple auto transport companies.

2. How long does it take to ship a car across the country?

On average, it could take anywhere from one to two weeks. This time frame can vary based on the specific route. Also, any unexpected delays such as weather or traffic conditions can modify the shipping dates, such as when the car arrives.

3. Can I pack personal items in my car during shipping?

Truck drivers will allow you to have a small amount of personal possessions to be shipped in a vehicle, it's generally recommended to avoid exceeding 100 lbs.

There are no additional car shipping costs for these items.

4. Is my vehicle insured during transport?

Yes, a legitimate car shipping company will have insurance that covers any damage caused during transit. It's important to clarify with shipping companies about insurance coverage and policy details.

5. What's the difference between open and enclosed auto transport?

Open transport means your car is carried on an open-air trailer, which is less expensive but exposes your vehicle to the elements. Enclosed car transport, which is more costly, offers extra protection from the weather and road debris as your car is shipped in a covered trailer. Both car shipping services are considered safe to ship cars, and open is the most prevalent method of shipping cars.

6. How far in advance should I schedule my car shipment?

It's typically recommended to book at least a few weeks in advance, but the sooner the better. Booking early can give you more flexibility with scheduling and may also provide you with a better rate.

7. What if my car is damaged during shipment?

In the unlikely event your car is damaged, document the damage with pictures and report it to the shipping company as soon as possible to start the insurance claim process.

8. Can I ship vehicles that are non-running or considered an inoperable vehicle?

Yes, most companies can ship non-running or inoperable vehicles, but it costs more due to the extra equipment and labor required to load and unload the vehicle.

9. Do I need to be present when my car is picked up and delivered?

While it is usually recommended for you or a trusted representative to be present to inspect the vehicle and sign off on its condition, arrangements can often be made if you are unable to be there.

10. What is door-to-door shipping?

Door-to-door shipping means the carrier will pick up and deliver the vehicle to or as close to your specified locations as possible. Sometimes, due to legal restrictions or street accessibility, the carrier may not be able to directly reach your desired location.

First Responders Discount

Are you one of our first responders? Such as a travel nurse, military, or government in need of cross country car shipping? Thank you for your dedication and hard work! Our auto shippers will provide you with the best possible car transport service with a special discount just for you when you get a quote.

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