offers Safe and Reliable Car Shipping to and from Alaska, ensuring the satisfaction of dealers and private vehicle owners for over 20 years. Our rates, guaranteed to satisfy, are competitively priced for your convenience. We uphold the highest insurance standards, providing regular updates to our customers. As a door-to-door Car Shipping company, we cater to almost any residential or business location in Alaska, offering both open and enclosed shipping options. Discover the cost of shipping your car to or from Alaska with an instant quote using the phone number 239-273-4649!

Alaska Car Shipping

Our Alaska auto transports operate year-round between Alaska and the lower 48 states. Utilizing ships for the safest and quickest transport, we use the Port of Alaska in Anchorage, AK, and the Port of Tacoma in Tacoma, WA. While most Alaska transports are on an open deck for affordability, closed deck options are available for climate-controlled protection.

We simplify the car shipping process to and from Alaska, handling all details and paperwork. Drop off or pick up your vehicle at the designated ports, or utilize our trucking services within Fairbanks and Anchorage in Alaska. Our ships depart twice a week, ensuring your vehicle is loaded onto a ship departing within the week and arriving at the destination port within a week.

To determine the current cost of shipping a car to or from Alaska, obtain an instant quote online or contact us at (888) 991-2917.

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Alaska Car Shipping

Effortless Alaska Transport

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Route Availability Rating: 10/10

The availability rating to and from Alaska is excellent, standing at 10/10.

Average Pickup Time: 3-4 Days

The average time from booking to pickup is 3-4 days.

Popular Alaska Car Shipping Routes

Shipping From Alaska:

- Alaska to California

- Alaska to Washington

- Anchorage, Alaska Auto Transport

- Fairbanks, Alaska Car Shipping

Shipping To Alaska:

- California to Alaska

- Washington to Alaska

Recent Alaska Transports We Have Completed:

- Anchorage, Alaska to Washington, District Of Columbia

- Anchorage, Alaska to South Burlington, Vermont

- Anchorage, Alaska to Middletown, Connecticut

- Fairbanks, Alaska to Bellevue, Nebraska

- Anchorage, Alaska to Newport, Rhode Island

- Fairbanks, Alaska to Turnerville, Wyoming

- Anchorage, Alaska to Rio Rancho, New Mexico

- Anchorage, Alaska to Holts Summit, Missouri

- Fairbanks, Alaska to Minot, North Dakota

- Anchorage, Alaska to Trout Creek, Montana

- Pascoag, Rhode Island to Anchorage, Alaska

- Washington, District Of Columbia to Anchorage, Alaska

- Newark, Delaware to Kenai, Alaska

- Wells, Vermont to Anchorage, Alaska

- Lebanon Junction, Kentucky to Anchor Point, Alaska

- Greenville, South Carolina to Anchorage, Alaska

- Albuquerque, New Mexico to Fort Wainwright, Alaska

- Cheyenne, Wyoming to Anchorage, Alaska

- D'iberville, Mississippi to Anchorage, Alaska

- Indian Island, Maine to Anchorage, Alaska

Latest Instant Quotes for Alaska Car Shipping:

| Quote | Date | Pickup | Delivery | Vehicle Type |

| --- | --- | --- | --- | --- |

| $3497 | December 25 | Anchorage, AK | Highlands Ranch, CO | Midsize SUV / Minivan |

| $2765 | December 23 | Tacoma, WA | Anchorage, AK | Midsize SUV / Minivan |

| $4239 | December 15 | Lakewood, CO | Anchorage, AK | Midsize SUV / Minivan |

| $4197 | December 04 | Huntington Beach, CA | Anchorage, AK | Midsize SUV / Minivan |

| $4744 | November 30 | Ukiah, CA | Anchorage, AK | Car |

| $2765 | November 28 | Tacoma, WA | Anchorage, AK | Midsize SUV / Minivan |

| $4102 | November 21 | San Diego, CA | Anchorage, AK | Midsize SUV / Minivan |

| $3342 | November 10 | Longmont, CO | Anchorage, AK | Car |

| $2230 | November 09 | Portland, OR | Fairbanks, AK | Compact SUV / Crossover |

| $3413 | November 09 | Tacoma, WA | Anchorage, AK | Large SUV |

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