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Nationwide Door-to-Door Open Auto Transport

For a cost-effective and secure way to transport your vehicle to any destination, open car transport is the ideal choice. Recognized as the most reliable and budget-friendly method, open car carriers can accommodate approximately 8-10 vehicles and are easily identifiable on highways as they transport vehicles across states or even cross-country.

What Is Open Auto Transport?

Open auto transport is the industry standard and a highly popular cost-effective method for shipping vehicles from one location to another. These carriers travel varying distances, from a few hundred miles between states to thousands of miles spanning the entire country.

This approach is most economical as it involves transporting multiple vehicles on an open trailer, reducing overall costs. Additionally, it offers flexibility, allowing you to choose from different pickup and delivery times that suit your specific schedule.

Typically, open car transport trucks come in sizes that can carry six to ten cars, often with two levels. Your vehicle can be placed on either level, unless you request otherwise. With over 18,000 open car transport carriers nationwide, transporting thousands of vehicles daily, this method is widely available.

Advantages of Open Auto Transport

1. Speed: Open auto transport is the quickest way to ship a vehicle, even for long distances. With open carriers being widely used, they are readily available to pick up vehicles on short notice across the country.

2. Safety: Vehicles shipped on open carriers are safe due to regulations enforced by the D.O.T. and keeping all four wheels off the ground. It strikes a balance between safety, cost, and speed.

3. Fully Insured: Open auto transport includes full insurance coverage, with varying coverages depending on carrier size and liability.

Disadvantages of Open Auto Transport

While open car shipping is highly popular and economical, it does come with some drawbacks:

1. Exposure to Weather: Vehicles are exposed to weather conditions, potentially facing rain, hail, snow, or intense sun, which could lead to exterior damage.

2. Risk of Debris: Vehicles are susceptible to flying road debris, dust, and dirt during transit, resulting in minor scratches, dents, or dirtying.

3. Less Protection: Compared to enclosed transport, open auto transport provides less protection from potential road accidents or vandalism during stops.

Open Auto Transport Costs

As of 2023, the cost for open car transport is approximately $1.75 per mile for 100-200 miles, $1.50 per mile for 200-300 miles, $1.20 per mile for 500 miles or more, and $0.90 per mile for 1,000 miles or more, considered cross-country car transport.

Getting a Quote for Open Car Transport

Utilize our car shipping calculator to receive an instant quote. Open car shipping costs factor in various elements, and our calculator considers these variables to provide you with the best final price for open carrier auto transport.

Packing Personal Items

With open carrier car shipping from Enterprise Auto Transport, you can pack personal belongings up to 100 lbs in the vehicle, as long as they are below the window line. Note that the truck driver does not inventory the items inside.

Difference Between Open and Enclosed Transport

Enterprise Auto Transport offers both open and enclosed transport methods:

1. Open Car Transport: Economical and fast, suitable for common vehicles traveling short to long distances.

2. Enclosed Transport: Provides extra protection for special or high-value vehicles, safeguarding them from environmental threats during transit.

Duration of Open Auto Carrier Transport

Since open car carriers are widespread, they are quick, often taking 1-3 days for pickup in major cities. However, shipping from remote locations may take longer, up to a week or more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Open Car Transport

1. Is open car transport safe? Yes, it is safe. While vehicles are exposed, serious damage is rare, and most cars arrive in the same condition.

2. What's the difference between open and enclosed auto transport? Open transport exposes vehicles to the outside world, while enclosed transport provides more protection from weather and potential damage. Enterprise Auto Transport offers both options.

3. What kind of vehicles can be transported using open car transport? Most vehicles, including cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks, can be transported. However, valuable or antique vehicles may opt for enclosed transport for extra protection.

4. How can I prepare my car for open car transport? Remove loose items, disable the alarm system, and note existing damage before loading onto the truck.

5. What if my vehicle is damaged during transport? In the unlikely event of damage, the transport company's insurance should cover repair costs. Report any damage immediately upon delivery.

Why Choose Enterprise Auto Transport?

1. Years of Experience: With extensive experience in auto transport, Enterprise Auto Transport is a qualified and reputable choice.

2. Vetted Carriers: We carefully screen carriers to meet strict requirements before arriving at your door, ensuring reliability and professionalism.

3. Modern Fleet: Our use of the best and newest carriers in the industry guarantees reliable and economical open auto transport.

4. Quality Service: Our dedicated team of car shipping advisors with decades of combined experience provides excellent customer service.

5. Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize customer satisfaction by focusing on the reward of a job well done rather than just charging for a car shipment.

Choose Enterprise Auto Transport for a reliable, economical, and quality open car transport service. Get your free quote instantly and experience excellent service with every shipment. For a free quote call 239-273-4649


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