Motorcycle ownership is currently at a peak, and with nearly 10% of the population relocating annually, the need for efficient motorcycle shipping services has grown. Riding a bike to a new location may not always be practical, leading individuals to explore various shipping options to transport their motorcycles safely.

Instead of relying on a specialty motorcycle shipper, some individuals consider hiring national freight carriers, which handle large shipments of diverse goods across the country. However, this approach may involve additional costs for custom crates, and accuracy in providing weight and dimension information is crucial to avoid unexpected charges.

Opting for a motorcycle shipping company proves to be the best way to transport a motorcycle. These companies specialize in the secure transportation of bikes, ensuring they arrive at their destination without damage. Motorcycle shipping services offer door-to-door convenience, picking up the bike from its current location and delivering it to the desired destination, eliminating the need for owners to retrieve their motorcycles from warehouses or transfer stations.

Preparing a motorcycle for shipment involves cleaning the bike, checking vital functions such as tire pressure and oil levels, taking pre-shipment photos to document its condition, leaving a quarter tank of gas, disabling alarms, and providing additional instructions to the shipper.

Communication with the shipper is key throughout the process, from ensuring preparedness a day before shipment to inspecting the bike during pickup to avoid disputes over damages. Confirming shipping details, including addresses, dates, and insurance coverage, is crucial before turning over the motorcycle.

When choosing between an open or enclosed trailer for shipping, factors such as cost, protection from the elements, and availability should be considered. Open trailers are less expensive but expose the bike to dust and debris, while enclosed trailers offer better protection at a higher cost.

Insurance is essential for motorcycle shipping, with most reputable shippers providing coverage. However, additional insurance may be necessary, especially for expensive or luxury motorcycles. Factors affecting shipping costs include the choice between open and enclosed shipping, transport distance, bike weight and size, the need for special handling, and fuel surcharges.

To choose a reliable shipper, consider factors such as reputation, insurance coverage, customer service, hidden fees, and the ability to track the shipment online. Nexus Auto Transport is a notable company in the field, offering transparent pricing, experienced drivers, and a commitment to safe and secure motorcycle transportation across the country. Customers can obtain a quick, free quote through their online calculator or by contacting Clearwater Auto Transport directly at 239-273-4649


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