From salvaged clunkers to rare collectibles, vehicles of various types can be acquired through car auctions, whether conducted online or in person. However, when it comes to transporting these auction-purchased vehicles, selecting a service provider tailored to your specific shipping requirements is crucial. For instance, an inoperable vehicle might necessitate a tow truck, while an exotic car might require the use of an enclosed single car hauler. Therefore, opting for a professional transporter capable of offering guidance is the wisest choice.

Auction Car Transport Methods:

There are two primary methods of auction car transport: open transport and enclosed transport. Each method presents distinct advantages to cater to specific auto auction shipping needs.

- Open Transport: This is the more economical option for shipping a vehicle acquired from an auction. However, due to the open-air nature of the process, the vehicle is exposed to potential damage from road debris like tar and rocks. This option is suitable for lower-value vehicles or those intended for later restoration. It is crucial to ensure that the vehicle is fully insured before choosing open transport.

- Enclosed Transport: Regarded as the safest way to transport a vehicle from car auctions, this method utilizes closed trailers capable of holding up to seven cars at a time. It is ideal for transporting high-value luxury or classic cars that require special attention. While being the most expensive option, the added cost is considered an investment in the protection of the vehicle.

Auto Auction Transport Cost Factors:

The cost of auto auction transport is determined by various factors, including:

- Distance: The farther the transportation distance, the higher the shipping cost.

- Car Make and Model: Bulkier vehicles incur higher transport costs.

- Vehicle Condition: Inoperable vehicles usually cost more due to additional equipment requirements.

- Insurance: Additional insurance can increase the overall shipping cost.

- Season: Shipping costs tend to be higher during peak seasons like summer and winter.

Popular Auto Auctions:

For those contemplating purchasing a vehicle from Mecum Auto Auctions, reliable shipping services may be necessary.

Vehicles from Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA) might pose transportation challenges due to their conditions, often requiring specialized care.

When dealing with Copart shipping, engaging a professional transportation service is imperative, ensuring proper equipment and expertise for the transport of salvage cars to and from Copart auctions.


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